I think lemonade is one of the most remarkable drinks in the world. Starting with a bitter fruit and ending with a delicious drink! In many ways the HOLD the Children work in Port de Paix, Haiti came from the same recipe.

The orphanage was founded out of Mission Discovery staff member Don Schreier’s passion to see children get a hot meal, and education. But it started when his Pastor Ray Streets initiated a visit following Hurricane Andrew to Nassau, Bahamas to investigate hurricane damage there. There was none, and the trip seemed a waist but two relationships were forged with Haitian pastors on the island that eventually led us to Haiti and the partnership we now have with New Haitian Mission Baptist Association in serving children in need.

Now years later there is a fully operational orphanage in Port de Paix with staff who care for just over 30 children! Though the mountains of details lemonade has come from a bitter event.

Now Haiti faces even higher mountains and Mission Discovery continues it’s work in Port de Paix caring for children. And now not only there but in Port au Prince as well. Mission Discovery teams are now joining our HOLD the Children staff in meeting some of the immediate needs, though they seem like small efforts, we know by experience that each caring act has great potential for the future.

This October several teams will be in Haiti clearing rubble, building new homes and offering medical, eye and dental clinics. There is even a team that is giving their Christmas holiday to join us in Haiti to serve.

While we are busy in Haiti HOLD the Children’s efforts expand in Jamaica where children at the Jamaica Christian School for the Deaf and Victory Christian Fellowship School still have lots of unsponsored children.

HOLD the Children depends on the support of friends to make possible the work.