Dr. Don Schreier and Pastor Exante stood on the side of the mountain overlooking the banana field that joined the property of the HOLD the Children sponsored school in Lavaud, Haiti.  The two agreed this would be a perfect place for an orphanage.  In this small country of 10.5 million people, with more than 450,000 orphaned or abandoned children, there is definite need for an orphanage. The two visionaries decided to proceed to build a safe place for children.  HOLD the Children Home was born.

Construction of the Home began in 2005.   Funded entirely from gifts and donations of compassionate people and churches, the two-story, 64 bed structure was completed in early 2010.  Seven orphaned children arrived the first week of January, 2010. Only a few days later, a devastating earthquake rocked Haiti.  Within a short period, the number of children at the Home grew to twenty-seven. There are currently 45 children living at the HOLD Home.  More children will be admitted as the Home becomes financially equipped to support them.  Caring for the children at the orphanage is very costly. Food, clothing, shoes, medicines, doctor visits and building maintenance, all cost much more than in the US.  It takes approximately $5.00 per day to provide basic care for one child. Sponsoring an orphan at the HOLD the Children Home provides three meals a day, a safe place to sleep each night, education, love from a caring staff and the gift of hope that comes from the love of Jesus.

There are several levels of supporting a child at the HOLD Orphanage.  Full support of most residents at the Home is $150 per month.  For those in high school, full sponsorship costs $300 per month, because high school is an additional $150 per month.  As a sponsor, you make a difference for good in the life of a Haitian child.

*For information on visiting the HOLD Home, please see our Port de Paix, Haiti Mission Trips

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