HOLD the Children currently supports six schools in conjunction with the New Haitian Mission Baptist Association (NHMBA). These six schools are located throughout the Port de Paix area of Haiti in Bassin Bleu, Cabaret, Lavaud, Nazareth, New Bethlehem, and Port de Paix. The Port de Paix schools are where HOLD the Children all began back in the year 2000. Here’s a little more information on each of these schools…

Bassin Bleu is the birthplace of Pastor Cherelus Exante, founder and president of NHMBA. This school is in a very poor area of Haiti where most children do not attend school. NHMBA, with the help of HOLD the Children sponsors, opened the school in 2011. There is a great need for additional sponsors. Nearly 100 children attend this single room school in Bassin Bleu.

The HOLD school in Cabaret is located about 15km west of Port de Paix. This is one of the newer HOLD sponsored schools. Pastor Francklin oversees the school and church there. The school currently has around 150 students. With it being one of our newer additions, we are working hard to provide more textbooks, school supplies, and uniforms as all these items are currently in short supply.

In the community of Lavaud, HOLD the Children is working with hundreds of children each day. HOLD sponsors help make education possible for over 300 children here. This school is nearby the HOLD the Children home where 45 children live; they are receiving quality education in this school as well as learning about the love of Jesus.

There are 150 children attending the NHMBA Nazareth School. Pastor Otandieu Jean Louis, founder of the church and administrator of the school, leads the staff of seven teachers. The school is located on the west side of the coastal city of Port de Paix, Haiti. HOLD the Children began supporting the Nazareth School in 2007 and attendance has consistently grown each year. Pastor Otandieu and his staff are highly regarded for their sacrifices for child education.

NHMBA New Bethlehem: Their two-story concrete school building is carved into a steep hillside that overlooks valley wetlands below. More than 250 students attend this school that is located just outside the city of Port de Paix. Pastor Sylvain Dufrene and a staff of seven teachers lead the New Bethlehem School.

The one room classroom at the NHMBA School in Port de Paix is very crowded. Sheets of plywood that also serve as chalkboards divide the large room. More than 200 children attend this school in grades K thru 8.

Between these six schools, there are over 1,000 students in attendance. At this time we only have pictures and short bios for a select few. We are unable to obtain detailed information on every child in these schools. Please consider a $39 a month sponsorship to help our Port de Paix Schools as a whole. Thank you.

Classroom full of students
Two smiling school girls in uniform

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