“HOLD the children” is a Christian child advocacy and empowerment program. HOLD is an acronym for His Outreach for Learning and Development. “HOLD the children” advocates for children in third world countries who are marginalized and pushed down by poverty. HOLD empowers children by helping them with an education and a safe place to live. “HOLD the children” connects willing sponsors with needy children.

Yes, Mission Discovery leads trips to the locations where your sponsor child goes to school. Hundreds of sponsors have visited their HOLD sponsor child. Visit www.MissionDiscovery.org to identify trips to the country of your child’s school.

HOLD the Children has ministries in Guatemala, Haiti and Jamaica.

At least 80% of HOLD the children school contributions go directly to the field. Funds are used for teachers salaries, school supplies, food, school improvements and other costs of operating the school. The balance is used to pay administrative costs of the HOLD program.