Our HOLD schools throughout Haiti, Jamaica, and Guatemala remain closed at this time, however, we are excited to report that some of our schools have launched feeding programs!  They are providing a hot meal for their students and other children in their communities.  In one location, they are even helping feed the elderly.

In Port au Prince, Haiti, both our schools are feeding children and one is also preparing worksheets for students to complete at home.  In Cap Haitien, Haiti, construction is underway to continue improving the school building.  In Port de Paix, where we have our orphanage, our 45 children remain healthy and well and we thank God for this.  We continue praying for His protection over each and every one of our students, faculty, and staff.  In Jamaica, the staff of JCSD is working on improvements around the school.  At Victory Christian preschool, the staff is working to begin a feeding program.  And in Guatemala, faculty and staff are hard at work preparing printed worksheets for each of their students in hopes they can continue their education at home during this time away from school.

We are so humbled by your continued generosity during this time.  Thank you for your regular support and continued gifts that make the ministry of HOLD the Children possible.  Thank you for your support!