What an interesting time we are living in.  The coronavirus continues to make its way around the world.  Cases have now been found in each of the countries where we have HOLD schools: Haiti, Jamaica, and Guatemala.  Because of this, these countries, much like the U.S., are in lockdown and all schools and businesses are closed.  Children are home and those parents who do have jobs are not currently able to work. 

Due to the third world nature of where we minister, none of our schools have the capability to do online teaching or the resources for students to access online material.  Their education is on pause until they are able to return to school.  In these third world countries, the virus could prove to be devastating.  Please pray against its spread and for those who contract it to make a full recovery.  Please continue lifting up our students, faculty, and staff in each HOLD school and our orphanage.

We also ask for your prayers over Mission Discovery and HOLD the Children as we reevaluate daily and alter plans to best continue our ministries.  This is unknown territory and we make diligent efforts to adapt at every turn.  We are grateful we serve King Jesus who is unchanging and not surprised by any of these events.  Thank you for your prayers and your continued support during this uncertain time! 

~Courtney Rivera, HOLD the Children Director

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