Pictured here,  students in our Onaville School in Haiti are hard at work!

We were recently made aware that our students in Guatemala have had to continue learning virtually after starting off their new school year in person.  They are learning online again for now, but we hope they can all return to school in person very soon!

With transitional home construction underway once again at our HOLD Home Orphanage, much progress is being made.  The children are eager to see the finished product, and we look forward to another major phase being completed this year.

While February was a difficult month for our brothers and sisters in Haiti, we are grateful for continued safety and the ability to keep schools open and running.  There has been much protesting throughout the past month, but thankfully, schools have been able to remain open.  Continue to pray for the country, its leadership, and all our friends in Haiti.

In Jamaica, our Victory Christian Fellowship Preschool is bustling with life once again!  After a long awaited return, students are excited to be together with their friends.

And at JCSD, many of the young men are learning to weld for the first time!  The young ladies continue learning cosmetology and they are improving greatly.  Also at JCSD, work is underway for their new fence.  Thank you to all who have given to help with this special and much needed project!  All funds have not been raised as of yet, but there is enough to get the task started.

Thank you sponsors for all you give!

Your donations and ongoing support make the ministry of HOLD possible.  Thank you for providing for our 12 schools and Orphanage and helping continue the ministry of HOLD the Children around the world.

Gratefully in His Hold,

Courtney Carrigan, HOLD the Children Director