Pictured here,  students at JCSD gather to practice a performance!

While students in Guatemala still learn virtually, we recently had a Mission Discovery team there!  The team of men from Texas built several homes for families in need and delivered groceries to families who needed it most. They had an incredible time in Guatemala and saw God work in amazing ways.  We are grateful for their hearts of service.

In Jamaica, at both JCSD and VCF, classrooms continue filling up and teachers are hard at work.  Funds continue to be raised to help build the fence at JCSD.  And we finally have plans to bring a mission trip team back to Jamaica this June!

In Haiti, the country has remained calmer than in months past.  The protests and riots still occur,  but we are grateful they are not shutting down schools at this time.

This month the annual week-long crusade is taking place in Port de Paix, Haiti for the first time since 2019.  Normally, we would bring a Mission Discovery team to Port de Paix at this time to visit the HOLD Home Orphanage and participate in the nightly crusade.  Pray that the hundreds who attend would hear God speak clearly and their lives would be changed as a result.

It is such a struggle that we are still unable to return to Haiti with mission teams.  We pray we are able to return later in the year with a  small team of Mission Discovery staff members.  We continue praying for our brothers and sisters there, as well as the students, faculty, and staff in each of our HOLD schools.

Thank you sponsors for all you give!

Your donations and ongoing support make the ministry of HOLD possible.  Thank you for providing for our 12 schools and HOLD Home Orphanage and helping continue the ministry of HOLD the Children around the world.

Gratefully in His Hold,

Courtney Carrigan

HOLD the Children Director