As summer begins, all of our schools are wrapping up their year and preparing for a break.  In Haiti, Jamaica, and Guatemala students are working hard to finish their current grade level.  Teachers continue their impactful work, but are looking forward to a summer break.  Some of our schools recently went through government testing and passed with flying colors.  In some of our schools, teachers were able to take students on a year-end field trip to various historic sites in their area.  And in one of our schools, the Jamaica Christian School for the Deaf, seven students are preparing to graduate high school!  So much is happening in all our schools and we are grateful for the faculty and staff at each location that make this progress possible.

In Mission Discovery news, we have begun our first project week of summer mission trips.  This marks the first of 24 mission trips happening over a 10-week period!  Please keep these trips and everyone involved in them in your prayers.  God is always at work in incredible ways, and it seems even more visible during these life-changing trips.  If you have not joined us on a mission trip before, we would love for you to consider this possibility!  Thank you for your support of Mission Discovery’s HOLD the Children; thank you for all the ways you make this ministry possible.