The annual citywide crusade in Port de Paix, Haiti was a huge success with 160 individuals giving their lives to Christ!  We praise God for how he uses this event to radically change people’s lives.  Pastor Exante brought back a wonderful report.  He was able to spend time visiting the 45 children in our orphanage. They are in good health and all doing very well.  The unrest in Haiti has calmed down but the U.S. Dept of State travel warning remains at a level 4.

Many of our schools held special Easter celebrations last month.  In Haiti, almost all of our nine schools double as churches, so students came to Easter services on Sunday with their families and had a special time remembering what Jesus did for us.  In Jamaica, students at both our schools enjoyed a longer weekend with time at home with families.  And in Guatemala, Easter is a large celebration taking up most of the week with many parades throughout the country.  The Easter season offers us a wonderful opportunity to pause and reflect on the day of Christ’s death, but more importantly, his resurrection.  We are so grateful that children in each of our twelve schools learn what Christ did for each of them.  Their classroom education is extremely important for their success in this life, but what they learn about Jesus is what will impact them for eternity.  Thank you for all you give to make this life-changing work possible!