Several of our schools had beautiful graduation ceremonies to wrap up their school year at the end of last month!  Many students moved up from preschool into the official Kindergarten programs in each school and others moved on from our schools into high school.  HOLD Schools will now be on their summer break until the beginning of September.  Many students enjoy going to school, especially when it means they get a hot meal.  This means summer break is not exactly something to look forward to.  For most of us, summer means vacation and time with family.  Where many of our HOLD schools are located, summer means children will have to look after themselves while mom or dad try to find daily work.  Children sometimes go hungry without a reliable meal from school.  Pray for our students and each of their safe return to school in September.  

In Jamaica, I recently lead a team of nearly 80 participants in serving at our Jamaica Christian School for the Deaf.  We made great progress on the construction of the vocational training center there.  We also helped in classrooms and spent time with students.  It was a wonderful week seeing all that God continues to do at JCSD.  Thank you for your support that makes the operation of these schools possible; we could not do this without your prayers and financial support!