Pictured above, students at JCSD were so excited to have Mission Discovery teams serve there last month! We’ve had multiple teams serving at JCSD this summer and the school is so grateful.  They are wrapping up their school year and preparing for graduation.  So many of you, our JCSD sponsors, make education possible for these kids! 

In Onaville, Haiti the gangs are now passing through the town, more or less.  Many families have been able to return, but police are still working to enforce more security throughout the town to keep gangs from coming and going.  The Onaville school has not been able to operate and looks to re-open in September with the new school year.   

Our other schools throughout Haiti have remained open for the majority of this school year and are now gearing up for end-of-year testing.  They will close for their summer break later this month and then re-open for the new school year in September.  We are grateful students have been able to continue attending school throughout this year.

Our HOLD Home Orphanage in Port de Paix, Haiti is sending out some of our older residents this month.  There will be room for younger residents to come in.  Please pray for all our kids who have grown up in the home and are now venturing out into their independent lives. 

In Guatemala, we have several Mission Discovery teams serving this summer!  Teams have gotten to help at the school as well as build homes for families in need.  We even have our first Guatemala medical mission trip taking place this month!  We are excited to see how the Lord uses this specific ministry in a powerful way as our teams serve the Kairos community in Guatemala.  

Thank you for all you give!  Your donations and ongoing support make the ministry of HOLD, His Outreach for Learning and Development, possible.  Thank you

Gratefully in His Hold,
Courtney Carrigan
HOLD the Children Director