Pictured above, students Naomi and Isabel at Kairos Christian School in Guatemala are in training to become secretaries!  These two young women started in the preschool program at Kairos and have worked their way all the way through high school.  Now they are training to have careers as secretaries!  With this solid foundation, they will be able to provide for themselves and their families as they get older.  Your giving and support helps makes stories like this possible.  

In Onaville, Haiti where gangs took over in April, the police have had some success in driving them out.  Some families have been able to move back into their homes, but others are still waiting.  Please pray that gangs would be completely cleared out so all residents can return. 

Our other schools throughout Haiti have remained open and the communities surrounding them have been quiet.  Reports from our school Directors have mentioned how thankful they are to continue receiving support from the US so their doors can stay open.

Our HOLD Home Orphanage in Port de Paix, Haiti is caring for the children there very well.  Some of these “children” are adults in their late teens and twenties.  They have lived in the HOLD Home many years and received a full education through our schools; this is a great achievement.  Seven of these older residents will be moving out in July.  The Orphanage Director, Pastor Francklin, is working with them to secure jobs and housing.  Please pray for this transition and these children. 


And in Jamaica our schools are wrapping up their school year and very much looking forward to the Mission Discovery teams arriving to serve this month!

Thank you for all you give!  Your donations and ongoing support make the ministry of HOLD, His Outreach for Learning and Development, possible.  Thank you!

Gratefully in His Hold,
Courtney Carrigan
HOLD the Children Director