HOLD Schools are much quieter than usual as their summer break continues.  In Haiti, Jamaica, and Guatemala, students are enjoying a short time away from school, but making plans to return at the beginning of next month!  In Haiti, our Christian Alliance School near Cap Haitien has improved their security with new doors, windows, and an entry gate.  Other schools are using their down time to update, clean, and prepare classrooms for the coming school year.  In Jamaica, the faculty and staff at JCSD are giving thanks for much needed rain.  Water shortages continue to occur as the city limits their supply, so the rain means their back-up reservoirs are filled.  And in Guatemala, we still have two more mission teams serving alongside Kairos Christian School this month!

At our HOLD Home orphanage in Port de Paix, Haiti life hustles and bustles as children fill their days with time together in the Home.  The children are in good health, and the staff continues to take excellent care of them.  We hope to take Mission Discovery teams back into Haiti next Spring now that much of the country has returned to life as usual.  Thank you for your giving and support that make each and every part of this ministry possible.  Because of you, lives are being changed daily!