Greetings Friends, As many of you know I visited the HOLD Home last week, to make preparations for our teams visit in March and mostly to inspect the progress on the Security Wall being constructed around the property in the back dormitory.  Let me tell you it was a blessing to see the progress and to be able to visualize the great benefit this will be for the kids.  This new land is more than four times the size of the original land where the Home sits.  Standing on the roof of the building, looking out over the land in the back, I could see the cottages where children will learn to live in a family setting, a garden that can help feed the children, a playground for kids to be kids, and a mission house where teams can stay.  God continues to do more than we can imagine or dream. 

Oh yeah, the wall. . .The upper wall along the path is completed; the back wall toward the river is 75% complete, and the foundation is finished for the lower wall near the road.  We are still hopeful that the wall will be completed by the time our team arrives in March.  The bell course, the layer of concrete capping the wall, will be added later.  It was not in our original plan.

God continues to expand the work:

During our visit, we were able to acquire a small piece of land that will lead to the future mission house.  Madam Ambrose, who has 6 kids, desperately needs help to feed her children.  The small 80’ X 38’ parcel connects the HOLD property to the house that will one day be turned into a mission house.  We agreed with Madam Ambrose to purchase the parcel for a monthly payment over the next several years.  This assures that her children will have food at least for the term of the agreement.  We are pleased to have been able to get this land and at the same time be able to help feed Madam Ambrose and her six small children.

The Shipment to PPX:

The kids at the Home desperately need clothes.  I am working on scheduling a shipment prior to our teams visit in March.  If you plan to collect clothes, or have other items you want to ship, please get them packed and ready to ship as soon as you can.  I am still trying to get the details for a shipment from Miami directly to Port de Paix.  I will notify you when and where your items need to be shipped.  You may need to act quickly, so be ready to ship as soon as I let you know.  If you are not able to collect clothes, possibly you can help pay the shipping costs.

One Last Request:

We are praying for a truck for the orphanage. Those who have visited the north coast of Haiti, know that the roads are much less than a cow path.  They are deplorable, an embarrassment to the government of Haiti.  Francklin has used his truck to pick up and deliver supplies for the Home, often driving the 6 hour trip to Port au Prince and back.  Much of our food comes from Tilagon, 4 ½ hours away.  He uses his truck to take children to the hospital or doctor when necessary.  His truck is very near its final trip.  We must get a truck soon.  We cannot allow the children to be stranded.  During our visit last week, we began to search for a vehicle that makes the most sense.  I think we agreed that a 4 door mid-size truck would be the most universal for our needs.  The cost for a good to new vehicle in Haiti is approx. $40,000.  Please join us in praying for God to do another of those unimaginable things.

Can’t wait to see those of you who will be joining us there in March, expect great things!