God has provided the property for transitional homes that will begin preparing the older children to be successful when they leave the orphanage.  The older children will be transitioned into a cottage with six to eight children and a house parent.  They will learn how to care for a home and they will have some family responsibilities.  They will be taught how to tend a garden, raise animals and eventually learn a vocational skill that will help them be self-sufficient when they leave the Home.

The security wall is currently being constructed around the new property.  Once completed, fund-raising will begin so that we can start the construction of the transitional homes.

It takes $4,000 each month to provide for the needs of the children at the HOLD Home.  This includes paying staff salaries, food, clothing and shoes, medical attention, and education.  Some months we are not sure where the money will come from but God is always faithful.  Please consider contributing toward the care of the 43 children in our HOLD Home.