Pastor Francklin runs our HOLD Home in Port de Paix, Haiti and many of you know the condition of his old truck!  Well, it finally ran its course and was time for him to get a more reliable vehicle.

Pastor Francklin uses his truck daily to deliver groceries and goods to the home, take children to the doctor, and even take kids out for special activities.  He makes frequent trips to Port au Prince on some of the roughest and toughest semblances of roads in the western hemisphere.  He is dedicated to his work, and more importantly he is dedicated to caring for the children in the HOLD Home.  In fact, he and his wife recently adopted the youngest girl that was living in the Home, Catherine Flor.  They have taken her in as their own and she is growing and maturing in a loving home.

All this is to say:  His truck is a vital part of his ministry!  The truck shown here has replaced his old one.  It’s a much newer upgrade that runs beautifully and is extremely reliable.

*We would love for you to consider donating to this purchase!! Be sure and specify that your gift is for Pastor Francklin’s truck.  Thank you!