In one of the most remote parts of Haiti there is a refuge for children.  Some would pass by the plain, ordinary block wall and never realize the miracle on the other side…a sanctuary where God’s loving hand has reached.  Forty-two children are well cared for every day by staff of Mission Discovery’s HOLD the Children program.  The HOLD the Children Home was founded 10 years ago to answer the need of abandoned or abused children.  Parents could no longer care for these children, or they were caught in an abusive cycle of child trafficking where children are sold as “restavecs” (child slaves) in Haiti.

“Many children in restavec situations are beaten, sexually abused, and isolated. Often they grow up to be illiterate adults who don’t value other people’s lives because their own lives were never valued. They are given nothing of value, and they have little or nothing to give back in the context of society.” Jean-Robert Cadet

I recently traveled with Rich Rohde, HOLD the Children Director, to visit with the staff, assess needs, see on-going projects, and dream about the future.  All is well at our home today, thanks to families and friends who sponsor a child’s care one year at a time, but as the children grow, we would like to provide cottage-style lodging with more of a family atmosphere.  There will always be a need for more sponsors to gather around children and staff there.  Would you consider sponsoring a child for 6 months or a year?  A year’s sponsorship is $1,800.  Sponsor online here.

Thank you for helping make possible the work of Mission Discovery in Port de Paix, Haiti and around the world!