God is doing so many great things at the HOLD the Children Home.  Last year was amazing.  Thanks for praying and supporting the work at the Home.

The security wall around the property acquired in 2014 was completed.  Within a few months, the money was raised and the work was completed.  The kitchen and storage room were completed in July 2015 making the cooks very happy.

Five of our children were reunited with extended family.  While we were saddened to see them leave, we are grateful that they are with family.  Five new children were admitted to the Home in September.

Four of our kids are attending high school and doing very well.  We visited the school and spoke with the administrator.  He was excited to tell us how well the children are doing.  Next year we will have six additional kids going to high school.  That means an additional $500 each month.

We’ve been asking God to give us a truck for the orphanage for some time now and towards the end of last year, He answered.  Francklin, director of the Home, received a 2014 Toyota truck.  We still need about $10,000 to finish paying for it.

Helps International Ministries is working on engineering drawings for transitional homes.  These homes will provide training and life experience for the older children as they prepare to return to Haitian society.  We hope to begin construction of these homes this year as God provides.  We are excited with all God is doing; thank you for your prayers and your financial support.