Volunteers rallied to meet the needs of HOLD the Children’s home in Port de Paix, Haiti. The end result?-A shipment of relief supplies has arrived in Port-de-Paix, Haiti. More than four tons of rice, beans, oatmeal, flour, sugar, corn meal and other food items, 75 mattresses, numerous plastic containers of medical supplies, personal care items, clothes and even toys. These items were desperately needed as occupancy of the HOLD orphanage grows. The orphanage started with eleven children in January; now there are twenty-three and it is expected the number will continue to grow.

Shipments will continue and individuals can help with by supplying both goods and dollars. Here’s how you can help:

1. Food items are easier and less costly to buy in bulk from food wholesaler in Florida. We ask that you make monetary contributions in lieu of sending food items to Miami.
2. Do not send clothes, shoes, toys or other items that are worn out or unusable. The cost of shipping these items to Haiti is very expensive. We don’t want to pay to ship items that won’t be used.
3. All items shipped to Haiti Transport in Miami must be properly marked. Before shipping, please contact me to get this information.
4. Finally, you must record how many pieces you have to ship and the contents of each. This is necessary for customs and duty charges.

Rich Rhode, Director of HOLD the Children, is coordinating these shipments. Email Rich for more information at [email protected]. Or visit the “Ship Dates” page.