Over the past several months we’ve been working to add classroom space at the HOLD sponsored school in LaVaud, Haiti. Our visit to the school last month revealed a serious problem, but it also demonstrated the staff’s commitment to education. Our contractor, Jacky Samuel, has been working on an addition to the school building to alleviate some extreme overcrowding. The plan was for the roof of the addition to be connected to the roof of the existing building; however the old roof collapsed in the process. Praise God, no one was around when the roof collapsed and there were no injuries. However, the collapse has caused a major problem for the HOLD school/church.
We are now without the main structure of the school, but the teachers and school director, Ms. Suzette have been very creative in moving some classes to surrounding locations. Some classes are held in neighbors’ unfinished houses, some are in temporary shelters and others are held under the magnolia trees on the hill above the church/school. The roof collapse has been an interruption but school continues.
While we’ve been able to continue classes without the roof on the main building, church services have been interrupted. We have to get this roof replaced before church services can be resumed. The cost to replace the roof is $4,850US. If you can to help with this expense, mark your tax-deductible contribution “HOLD church roof, LaVaud.”