What if, every Sunday your church walked out of the doors and in unison were singing the song you started in the building? That is the perfect description of the church in Haiti right now! I couldn’t believe my eyes! I saw it first hand.

I was one of those who, before going to Haiti following the earthquake, asked, “Now what business do I have there?” Don Schreier who is the Director of our work there often uses the phrase, “Boots on ground.” I would expect that from a former Marine. So on my first journey inside my head I was chanting, almost “Rainmanish,” “Boots on the ground, boots on the ground, underwear at Kmart.”

I’ve been to Port au Prince many times, but only one extended stay. Mission Discovery’s work is on the northern coast of Haiti in and around Port de Paix. But, this was a new day, a terrible event had happened and we were there with our friend and ministry partner Haitian Pastor Dr. Chereleus Exante to ask, “What more can we do?”

Dr. Exante is the pastor of the New Haitian Mission Baptist Church in Nassau, Bahamas, and oversees an association of churches in Haiti of 45 member-churches in the New Haitian Mission Baptist Association. He grew up in Port au Prince, and came from poverty to found and lead this association many years ago.

This past Sunday was the last of 3 days of National Prayer and Fasting for the country. Traversing across Port au Prince to visit two of the NHMBA churches we witnessed worship all over town. If the church was not worshiping under a tarp, they were walking, dressed mostly in white, singing in the streets. The largest group walking was at least 200 people! The pastor had a bullhorn encouraging the group like a good coach. 

Later that day at the MD office in Port au Prince we had a second meeting with pastors, simply asking again what were their immediate needs. On the short list were tents, food, and medical. And last on the list from several as they departed, “You won’t forget us will you.?”

This week we received 18 new children at the HOLD the Children orphanage in Port de Paix, all as a result of the earthquake. Don Schreier immediately mounted a plan for Mission Discovery’s promise to not forget. You can read his blog and see those details.

So what can you do? Sponsor a child at our orphanage, join a team going to serve in Haiti, donate a tent (Shaun King an Atlanta pastor has a place for you to do that click here and read), and ask your pastor and worship leader to pick one Sunday this Spring to remember Haiti-then walk out of your building singing and praising!

In His Service,
Maury Buchanan