What a wild year it has been for us all!  HOLD the Children was not exempt from the events of this year.  With schools closing for a significant portion of 2020, each of our school directors has done a phenomenal job of adapting. Most have had to come up with brand new ways of doing things.  Some continue in their distance learning efforts, while others are now able to meet back at school in person.  With this month’s newsletter, HERE you will find an exciting update on each of our HOLD the Children schools throughout Haiti, Jamaica, and Guatemala.  There are photos of students in each school as well!  We strive to keep you as updated as possible and we look forward to providing student specific updates to each of you, our sponsors, next year.

As we finish out this unprecedented year, will you consider giving a special end-of-year donation to HOLD the Children?  The reality of this year has had a major impact on our ministry.  We hope you will consider how you might be able to give.  Thank you for your support of HOLD the Children and your faithful giving throughout this year!  Your giving has made all of our work possible and we continue to be humbled by your generosity.


With much gratitude,

~Courtney Carrigan

HOLD the Children Director