We are so grateful for the ways in which God has continued to provide for each of our schools throughout this unprecedented year.  We thank you for your support in making this possible.  Students, faculty, and staff have managed to remain healthy through this ongoing pandemic.  Some schools are now meeting back in person, while others continue to adapt as they implement remote learning.  Our Christian Alliance School in Haiti has managed to add-on another grade!  They will now have 8th grade classes to better prepare students for high school.  In the midst of the chaos, God is on the move.  He continues to provide for his children.  We are grateful for progress being made, even though students have been out of school much of this year.

Thank you for your generosity and continued giving; happy Thanksgiving to you!  May you enjoy the coming weeks spending time in grateful reflection on all God has done and continues to do in this broken world in which we live.  He is still good and we have so much to thank him for, especially in our HOLD the Children schools throughout Haiti, Jamaica, and Guatemala.

Christmas will be here before you know it!  Please consider contributing to the Christmas Celebration at your child’s school.  In many cases, this is the only Christmas celebration they will experience.  Please give by December 1, 2020.  Thank you!

With much gratitude,

~Courtney Carrigan

HOLD the Children Director