Thank you for all your prayers and support of our HOLD Home Orphanage!  Things in Haiti have returned to calm and life continues as usual.  The Spring and Summer political rallies and outbreaks have tapered off and things have been quiet for the last few months.  Residents of the Home enjoyed time with one another over the last few months and are now prepared for the beginning of their new school year in September.  It will be nice to get the Home back on their normal schedule with daily routines.  This is helpful for the children and the staff.  Workers continue providing the best of care for our kids.  Everyone is healthy and well and looking forward to getting back to school.  We now have 19 residents in high school!  They are growing up quickly.  Our ministry partner, Pastor Cherelus Exante, was able to visit the Home in July.  He provided a special party and large meal for the children, pictured above, and also brought many donations from his church in Nassau.  It was a great celebration and the children were happy to see him.  I hope to return to Port de Paix before the end of the year to check-in on things at the Home personally, but I am encouraged by the updates I hear from our Home Director, Pastor Francklin.  Thank you for your faithfulness in supporting our Home, these children would not be where they are today without you!

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