Our HOLD Schools have begun another month of classes and schoolwork and they continue to succeed.  We have great reports of continued improvement among students.  Please pray for continued protection over our schools, students, faculty, and staff.  We are grateful things have been peaceful for some time and we look forward to visiting our Port de Paix schools and HOLD Home orphanage later this year.

At Mission Discovery, we ask for your prayers as we all weather this coronavirus storm together.  In addition, many of you saw news of the tornado that swept through Nashville at the beginning of March.  We are all safe and well here at Mission Discovery and we did not experience any damage.  But we all have friends that have been forever changed by the storm as entire homes and their contents have been lost.  Please keep our friends and our city in your prayers as the clean-up and recovery work begins.

Thank you for your ongoing prayers and your support that makes the ministry of HOLD the Children possible!  Your giving changes countless lives throughout Haiti, Jamaica, and Guatemala.  Thank you!