Birthday: 1/17/07
Gender: Male
Country: Haiti
Child Code: HOLD-001A-073

Waschneider loves playing soccer.  He is a fast runner.  He likes school; biology is his favorite subject.  His favorite color is blue.  His best friend is Renise who lives at the HOLD Home.  Waschneider fits in well with the other boys and girls of the HOLD Home.  His large smile brings joy to anyone’s face.  He is quiet and kind.  He enjoys singing and he reads well.  He would like to become a doctor when he is older.

Looking into his beautiful eyes, you would never know the difficult circumstances he has been through at such a young age.  Life in Haiti is hard, especially for children, but thankfully Waschneider is with us in the HOLD Home where he can continue to be a child.  He is attending school, learning responsibilities and social skills, but is able to continue being the carefree young man he was made to be.  Waschneider is one of many abandoned children throughout the country.  There are 4 different sponsorship options to choose from, would you consider helping so that we can provide for more children just like him?