Birthday: 8/20/07
Gender: Male
Country: Haiti
Child Code: HOLD-001A-078

Johnson Pierre is one of our newer additions at the HOLD Home.  He joined us in the fall of 2015 and has managed to fit right in in his new home.  The children there are so excited to have another friend and brother.  Johnson is still a little on the shy side.  He likes to practice writing and he hopes to become a Pastor so that he can serve God.  We are grateful he is with us in the HOLD Home where he eats well, attends school, and has good care.  Many children in Haiti look after themselves at very young ages.  Johnson does not have to worry about where his next meal will come from and is able to enjoy being a kid and playing with his friends.  Would you please consider sponsoring Johnson to live in our HOLD the Children Home?  Any amount you can contribute will make a difference.  Thank you.