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Like many children in Haiti, Evens does not have an official birth certificate.  This is the case for some of the other children in the HOLD Home as well.  Evens arrived at the HOLD Home with very little background information.  He joined the family here in 2016, and at that time, he was about 5 years old.  We know he began school for the first time when he arrived here.  He is learning what it means to be a student and is becoming a better listener.  He is one of the younger kids in the Home; the older ones are great at looking out for him.  The children here are so much like siblings- they fight one second and get along perfectly well the next.  A full sponsorship for Evens at the HOLD Home is $150 per month.  Would you consider sponsoring him?  If not fully, then please look into our partial sponsorship options and see how you may be able to help.  Thank you.