Birthday: 4/2/11
Gender: Female
Country: Haiti
Child Code: HOLD-001A-091

Benndjina Jean was added to our HOLD Home family in October of 2016.  She is from Port de Paix, which is the town where our orphanage is located.  She loves playing hide and seek – called “lago” in Creole.  She likes writing when she’s in school, and when she grows up, she would like to travel.

Coming to the HOLD Home was also her first experience in school.  She is adjusting to the classroom setting and learning many basics.  With your help, we are able to continue filling the beds at the HOLD Home orphanage, and care for many children that would otherwise be fending for themselves.  Would you consider sponsoring Benndjina?  This will benefit the Home as a whole, as well as this precious girl.  Thank you for considering.