Birthday: 8/10/09
Gender: Female
Country: Haiti
Child Code: HOLD-001A-082

Naomie Agenord joined us at the HOLD Home in 2016 and is the youngest of the 3 Agenord sisters here with us.  She came from the nearby town of Chan Sol which is a little further inland than Port de Paix.  It is a small town, and as is the case with much of Haiti, families struggle to survive.  Children are oftentimes forced to begin working soon after they begin walking and talking.  Families often use whatever means they can to bring in income and support one another.  We are grateful to have Naomie, and her two sisters, here with us at the HOLD Home.  Here they are now receiving an education.  They eat multiple meals a day, and they have a secure roof over their heads when they go to bed each night.  This is more than many in their country can say.  Sponsoring Naomie benefits the HOLD Home altogether and allows us to continue ministering to more orphans.  Please consider how you might be able to help.  Thank You.