Preparing kids for life after the Orphanage has always been the ultimate purpose of the HOLD the Children Home.  Rescuing lonely, hungry and abused children is a critical step in bringing hope to orphaned and abandoned children in Haiti, but the ultimate vision is to make a difference in Haiti through the lives of restored children.  Haiti is a broken country that will only be changed through a generation of children that are educated, skilled and encouraged to make a difference.  If only basic sustenance and care are provided the children until they are old enough to leave the Home and nothing more, then we have failed them.  We will have put them back into the same society from which they were rescued, without the skills to make a difference in Haiti for good. The purpose of HOLD the Children Home is to prepare the children to live productive and successful lives after they leave the Home.

The plan is to build transitional homes for the older children of the HOLD Orphanage where they can live in a family setting and learn family responsibilities of how to care for a home.  They will be taught life skills of how to raise a garden and care for animals.  Vocational training will be provided so they can be productive and self-sustaining when they leave the Home. The children will be provided with the tools and knowledge to successfully enter society when they reach the age of leaving the Orphanage.  HOLD the Children kids will be given an opportunity to rise above the level of poverty and make a difference for good in Haiti

The land for the transitional homes has been purchased.  Fundraising has begun for construction of a wall around the property to provide safety for the kids and security for the Home.  The cost of the constructing the wall, including the foundation, gates and doors is estimated at $35,000, ($4,000 has already been raised).  As soon as the wall is completed, construction of the transitional cottages will begin.

Two Homes will be constructed, one for girls and one for boys. Each will have the potential to accommodate 8 kids and one house parent.  Space in the dormitory that will be vacated will be used for vocational training.  An estimate on the construction cost of the cottages is not yet available.

We are excited about what God is doing at the HOLD the Children Home in Haiti.  God’s timing is perfect, so we wait on Him.  We ask for your prayers and financial support.  Contributions for the wall can be made on the donate page, click on the drop down arrow and choose “Security Wall.” Contributions can also be mailed to:

HOLD the Children
1509 Hunt Club Blvd
Suite 1200 
Gallatin, TN 37066