Located in the mountains on the North Coast of Haiti, HOLD the Children Orphanage is home for 43 abandoned or orphaned children.  The children range in age from 5 to 15 years.  Many of the older children will leave the home in just a few short years.  Life outside the orphanage is very difficult.  We want to provide our kids with an opportunity to succeed when they go out into the world.  This includes them learning to speak and read English, understanding how to use a computer to expand their world and equipping them with a vocational skill that will help them be able to earn a living.

This process starts with the construction of Transitional Homes, where 6-8 of the older boys and 6-8 of the older girls will live independently in a group home- one for boys and one for girls with a house parent.  They will learn responsibilities of caring for a home and share the work with the others. They will be taught gardening and how to raise animals. The transitional homes allow the staff to concentrate on the older children who could begin leaving the home in just a few short years.

Construction of the transitional homes has begun.  Phase 1 of the project includes excavation, foundation and the concrete floor.  The projected Phase I cost is $29,458.  As of August 1, 2016 nearly 2/3 of the Phase 1 cost has been raised.  The goal is to have this phase completed by Nov 1, 2016.  Your help is needed to raise the final $10,000 to complete phase 1.  Supporting the construction of the Transitional Homes provides hope and an opportunity for success for the residents of HOLD the Children Home when they leave the Home.  Donate to this project here; be sure to give to “HOLD the Children-General Fund” and designate your gift for the “transitional home”.  Thank you for your financial contributions, this ministry would not be possible without you.