Much of what we see happening around the world looks like defeat for God’s people.  Senseless killings and incredible destruction occur with greater frequency.  Christians are attacked, tortured and even killed for their beliefs.  The opioid epidemic takes thousands of lives every day; many of whom are Christians.  Whole cities of people are chased from their homes by terrorists.  Thousands of children die every day from hunger and preventable disease.  Has God lost control?

We live in the reality that there is both light and darkness always around us.  The world has both good and evil, right and wrong.  As believers we must accept this reality and continue to be light in the world.  God has not lost control, nor has he stopped using his people to impact the world for good.  God uses people, like ourselves, as instruments of hope and love in a needy and dark world.

There are millions of children in our world, and even in our country, who need to know that Jesus cares about them as they deal with society’s injustice.  Your support of HOLD the Children provides education, food and supplies.  More importantly it provides hope in the hearts of needy children.  God shapes us and transforms us to be reflections of Jesus’ light in a dark world.  He calls us to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  Would you stand with HOLD the Children this holiday season as we pray for needy and lonely children around the world?  Thank you for your generous and faithful support.  It makes a tremendous impact.