December is here and Christmas has already come and gone!  Several of our HOLD schools have planned festive Christmas celebrations for their students.  Thank you for contributing to make these celebrations possible!  The small Christmas party at their schools is more special than you know.  Many of these children do not have much to celebrate at home, and Christmas is not necessarily any different than any other day of the year.

In the HOLD schools, children learn the real meaning of Christmas while getting to celebrate some of the holiday festivities in the process.  While parties, gifts, and fun times with Santa Clause are the glitz and glam of the holiday, the students are taught the true reason we celebrate Christmas.  Christmas is the one time of the year we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior.  Education is vastly important, especially in the impoverished areas where these schools are located.  However, the knowledge of God sending his son Jesus to save each of us from our sins, is what we hope truly sticks with these beautiful children forever.

Head knowledge and then heart acceptance of this truth is what will change their lives far more than any book knowledge they may learn in the classroom.

Children will get a short break from school for Christmas and the New Year.  Please keep our students and these schools in your prayers as this calendar year comes to a close.  Pray also for teachers and staff to be strengthened as they rest and to be encouraged in the incredible work they do on a daily basis.  They are impacting lives every day as they stand in front of crowded classrooms and teach.  We thank you for your generous gifts and continued giving that make the ministry of His Outreach for Learning and Development possible.  Merry Christmas and God Bless!