God continues to bless the kids at the HOLD the Children Home.  Your generous gifts provide consistency and balance in their lives.  The lives of most children in Haiti are quite the opposite.  Many don’t know if they will get anything to eat today.  Some don’t know where they will sleep tonight.  Many are not in school today and unfortunately some are neglected and abused.  Life in Haiti is very hard especially for children.  We are grateful that a better life is provided for the 43 kids living at the HOLD Home.  Your regular support provides food, shelter, education, protection and love for them.  We are hopeful that more children can be helped in the future.  Thank you for caring and giving.

The new kitchen and storage building will soon be completed at the Home.  This will enable the cooks to have room to prepare meals.  The vacated space will provide a larger dining area for the kids.  The storage building is desperately needed for supplies of food and clothing.  A recent shipment of clothing and other supplies arrived at the Home but we have no place to store the goods.  We expect the kitchen and storage room to be completed before summer’s end.  We are grateful for God’s provision. 

Have you ever considered a visit to the HOLD orphanage?  You are welcome to join us there.  For more info on these trips please visit http://www.missiondiscovery.org/trips/port-de-paix-haiti-mission-trips.  Thank You!