Thousands of children have been given an opportunity to attend school in countries where illiteracy is acceptable.  Many of those students have become teachers and school administrators who are now able to provide for their families.  Over the past eight years, nearly one hundred orphaned and abandoned children have been rescued from lives of neglect, abuse, and exploitation.  They are given food, clothing, love and a safe place to rest their heads.  Hundreds of skilled construction workers have been provided jobs that help buy food for their families.  Countless numbers of lost souls have been brought to salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.  Whole communities are impacted for good with a display of love and compassion.  These are some of the ways that HOLD the Children impacts the world.  Who is HOLD the Children?  You are!

HOLD the Children is a group of generous and faithful supporters who collectively, are changing the world for good. The dividends you earn from your gracious support are far greater than we may ever know, this side of heaven.  Please know that the help you provide is more than sending a child to school.  You are changing lives.

For the past nineteen years we have primarily communicated with sponsors by way of paper mail.  We will continue paper mailing if you prefer, or we can send monthly communications via email.  This is entirely your choice.  Just complete the insert in your March monthly newsletter and return it to our office in the return envelope included with your mailing.  Or, if you prefer email, you can send an email to [email protected] to let her know.

Thank you for continuing to make a difference in the world!