I recently returned from Cap Haitien, Haiti where we had a team of 25 HOLD supporters serving at the Christian Alliance School of Limonade.  The school teaches preschool through 6th grade and has 300 students enrolled.  It was a wonderful week spent with the students and staff of the school. We painted, took pictures of each student, facilitated a brief Children’s Bible School, and played with the kids all afternoon.

The Christian Alliance School is a place I have heard much about.  The school first began as a small plot of land with a tarp and four poles in the ground.  Now, almost ten years later, there is a large cement school building with a dozen classrooms and a large sanctuary where church is held on Sunday mornings.  What a blessing to witness all that is being accomplished in this community!

While visiting the school, I got to meet 9-year-old twin brothers Jocely and Jovenel.  A couple of years ago, I remember putting pictures of these two boys on our website so they could become sponsored.  At the time, I thought they were two of the cutest kids I had seen!  I said a prayer for them, and have thought about them sporadically over the last year or two.

You can imagine my surprise when I spotted these two brothers in a crowd of 300 on our first day at the school!  I knew exactly who they were.  I sought them out and spent much of the afternoon holding their precious hands and attempting to communicate.  It was such a blessing to see these boys growing tall and strong and continuing their education at this school.  Many children in Haiti, if they go to school at all, drop out at a young age to start earning money for the family.  It was an encouragement to know they are still in school and doing very well!  Thank you for your support, because of you children like Jocely and Jovenel are able to go to school.