While most schools re-opened at the start of this year, the roller coaster of school closings and re-openings continues.  In Haiti, schools remain open and continue to operate, however, violent protests throughout the country have caused schools to close for days at a time over the past month.  They are currently open and running in full swing.  The country continues to experience civil unrest as attempts are made to overthrow the current president Jovenel Moise.  Join us in praying for peace for Haiti.

In Jamaica, due to a recent increase in covid-19 cases, the Prime Minister announced that schools must close down for a minimum of three weeks starting March 1.  This means teachers return to virtual instruction and students attempt to learn from home.  This is not ideal, as most students don’t own a computer or have internet in their homes.  They often attempt to do their school work on a parent’s cell phone.  You can imagine the challenges this presents for our teachers!  Our Kairos Christian School in Guatemala continues on their virtual learning journey and progresses more and more each day.  Their methods prove to be effective and students are improving in their work.

Please continue to remember HOLD the Children in your prayers; thank you for your generous support of this ministry!   CLICK HERE for a detailed HOLD Schools Update enclosed in this month’s newsletter.

Gratefully in His Hold,

Courtney Carrigan

[email protected]