With the arrival of April, Spring is here!  And we are so grateful school continues in Haiti.  Our HOLD Home Orphanage recently received a special gift to provide new much-needed clothing for all the residents.  The children were so excited to get new church clothes and play clothes.  Our orphanage residents continue studying their way through school and spending time with each other in the Home when they are not at school.  They are doing well, the needs in the Home continue to grow.

In Jamaica and Guatemala students continue on their virtual learning journey.  This has proved much more successful in our Guatemala school- Kairos Christian School- than in our Jamaica schools.  We hope students in Jamaica can return in person before the end of their school year this summer.  Faculty and staff in Jamaica continue to provide online material, but most students do not have access to it.  Because of this, many students are struggling to know the necessary material for their grade level.     

Thank you for your continued support and prayers over the ministry of HOLD the Children.  Your giving and your support through prayer helps us continue changing lives through education in Haiti, Jamaica, and Guatemala.  Thank you!

Gratefully in His Hold,

Courtney Carrigan

[email protected]