The last month has been different than most.  The majority of our nine schools in Haiti, along with all government schools, were shut down for almost two weeks while much of the country engaged in protests in hopes of removing the current president Jovenel Moise.  Demonstrations made roadways impassible and it was not safe for children to walk to school.  We had a team in Haiti visiting our Cap Haitien school when the riots and protesting began; we had to make an early exit due to the violence that ensued.  We are grateful all team members returned home safely, but saddened we did not get to see the students in our Christian Alliance School.  President Jovenel Moise remains in office in Haiti, but much of the country has returned to its usual way of life and protests and riots have subsided.  Schools have reopened and students are back in the classrooms.  Remember to pray for this country, its leadership, and for God’s presence to be made known there.

After returning from Haiti, I had a unique opportunity to travel to Oklahoma and share several ministry updates with our friends at Bethany Church.  So many churches and individuals keep this ministry going; it would not be possible without your support. Thank you for all you give to change lives through the ministry of HOLD.