This year is off to an amazing start as God continues working through the ministry of HOLD the Children!  Each of our 12 schools are teeming with life as they are back in session following holiday breaks.  Students stay busy each day working on classroom assignments, and teachers and staff have their work cut out as more students appear.  At our HOLD Home orphanage, earthquake repairs continue.  With structural damage repaired, tiling and a fresh coat of paint will have it looking good as new in no time!  Here at Mission Discovery, we are off to a big start preparing for eleven spring mission trips.  We have more participants signed up for 2019 mission trips than we did at this time last year!  For those participants serving in Haiti, Jamaica, and Guatemala, they will visit some of our HOLD schools and learn more about this ministry.

February will be a busy month for me as I lead a team of volunteers from Florida to visit our Christian Alliance School in Cap Haitien, Haiti.  Shortly after that, I’ll be heading to a missions conference in Oklahoma to share the ministry of HOLD the Children with friends there.  God is already providing great opportunities to continue growing the reach of HOLD this year.  I look forward to updating you on these trips, and more, next month and would love your prayers!  Thank you for all your support of Mission Discovery’s HOLD the Children.