Pictured here, students in our Onaville School in Port au Prince, Haiti gather for a quick class photo!  Throughout our schools in Haiti, students are taking their year-end testing and will soon have their summer break.  They will return to school in September.  Summer break is not something most kids in Haiti look forward to.  Summer break means they are not sure when their next meal will be or where it will come from.  Summer break sometimes means begging on the streets or finding work to help support the family.  Summer is a difficult time for our students; please remember to keep them in your prayers.    

Continue praying for Haiti.  The country continues to make news headlines for gang violence and kidnappings, making it impossible for us to visit at this time.

In Jamaica, at our Jamaica Christian School for the Deaf, some of our high schoolers are preparing for graduation!  The students are excited to celebrate graduation and prepare to enter the work force. The students who remain will soon begin summer break and return in September.  We are thrilled to have a Mission Discovery team serve at JCSD this month!  At our Victory Christian Fellowship preschool in Jamaica, teachers received two new computers and the school is installing internet for the first time!

Students at Kairos in Guatemala anxiously await their return to school.  They continue learning remotely and are making great progress, despite the challenges.  Their teachers continue working hard to keep students learning at their proper grade level.

Thank you for all you give!  Your donations and ongoing support make the ministry of HOLD, His Outreach for Learning and Development, possible.  Thank you!

Gratefully in His Hold,

Courtney Carrigan

HOLD the Children Director