Pictured here, students in our Christian Alliance School are proudly showing off their new Haitian Creole Bibles!  All of our HOLD schools throughout Haiti, Jamaica, and Guatemala are now closed for their summer break before school starts again.  Although schools are quiet, teachers continue hard at work.  Much work is done in classrooms and throughout school buildings while the students are gone.     

At our HOLD Home Orphanage in Port de Paix, construction continues daily on our transitional home!  Walls are complete and the roof trusses have been installed and secured.  The next step is completion of the roof.  It is moving along nicely.  Staff and residents alike are excited about the great progress being made.

In Jamaica, we had a Mission Discovery volunteer team serve at our Jamaica Christian School for the Deaf last month!  This team helped pour a new concrete driveway near the dining hall.  They also helped build a new set of stairs to exit the dining hall.  It was wonderful to have volunteers back on site again at JCSD!  Many Mission Discovery summer mission trips are now underway and many have already taken place!  Please keep our staff and these teams in your prayers as you are reminded.

HOLD the Children continues providing education to more than 2,500 students as well as a Home for the 45 residents in our orphanage.  Thank you for all you give!  Your donations and ongoing support make the ministry of HOLD, His Outreach for Learning and Development, possible.  Thank you!

Gratefully in His Hold,

Courtney Carrigan
HOLD the Children Director