Jimmy Rivera was leading a Spring Break mission trip at the Jamaica Christian School for the Deaf back in March.  There are forty resident students and fifteen staff at this HOLD the Children sponsored school.  Mary Ricketts is the HR manager and primary caregiver to the students.  She humbly went to Jimmy and said; “the shelves of rice and beans are bare.  We have no more food for the kids.  Can you help?”

Jimmy went to work.  He shared the situation with the team serving on the mission trip at the school.  The team provided some immediate help, then HOLD sponsors and friends of JCSD were made aware of the need.  Within two weeks, more than $2,250 was raised to restock the pantry.  Mary and the staff are very grateful for the response.

A few weeks later, another team was serving at JCSD.  A team leader learned that one of the students desperately needed surgery to relieve an intestinal/digestive problem.  Most students do not have insurance and hospitals require payment in advance.  They needed $2,500.  Again, HOLD supporters began to work.  The money was raised and sent to JCSD for the student’s surgery.

These are examples of how Mission Discovery projects intersect with the HOLD the Children sponsorship program.  Many trips are to locations where there are HOLD supported schools.  Trip participants can visit and learn more about their sponsor child.  Some participants choose their sponsor child during their visit.  Many sponsors return each year to visit and renew relationship with their child.

HOLD sponsors help provide education, food, medical attention, clothing, and most of all, love for these beautiful children.  We are grateful for your support of HOLD the Children.