Just a few weeks ago we had a team of 24 set and ready for their annual trip to visit our HOLD school in Cap Haitien, Haiti.  Pastor Aleonce Bazile, the administrator of the school and host for our team, arrived in Cap several days earlier to prepare for our visit.  We were told there had been several days of heavy rain and much more rain was still to come.  Concerned for the safety of our team, we inquired about the seriousness of the conditions in Cap.  We were told that Pastor Bazile had just rescued a mother and baby from the floodwaters in Limonade, where our HOLD School is located.  Ten people had reportedly died in the flooding at that point and many others were unaccounted for.  Hundreds of homes had several feet of water in them.  Adding to the tragedy, there is now the threat of another epidemic of cholera.  We made the decision to protect our team and cancel the trip to Cap Haitien.  Life is so hard and tenuous in Haiti; please pray for our friends there.