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Wadson St. Gerard joined us in the fall of 2015 and at that time, was only four years old.  He has had several birthdays since then and has settled in well to the routines and community of the HOLD Home.  The other children have welcomed him warmly and are helpful in taking care of Wadson.  He now has several brothers and sisters looking after him!  It’s one big family in the HOLD Home with several women taking excellent care of each of the children. 

Now, Wadson will begin school and he will have reliable medical care, food, and shelter.  This is a privilege many children in Haiti do not experience.  In order to continue caring for all the children in the orphanage, we need more sponsors.  Would you consider sponsoring Wadson?  There are many options to choose from.  Pick what works best for you and start giving today.  Thank you.