Birthday: 11/10/04
Gender: Male
Country: Haiti
Child Code: HOLD-001A-094

Frandjy Fenetus has one of the brightest smiles in all of Lavaud!  He has always lived near the HOLD Home, but recently joined in as part of the family when his mother was no longer able to provide for him.  Frandjy has cerebral palsy.  We have known this precious boy since he was young, and he has progressed beautifully through the years.  Although he is differently abled, this does not hold him back in the slightest!  He is a valuable part of the close-knit family at the HOLD Home and we are thankful he is with us.  He is a quick learner.  The other children in the Home are great at helping Frandjy when he needs it.

Whenever our teams come to visit he gets so excited!  Sponsoring Frandjy is a great way to support the ministry of HOLD the Children.  Please consider how you may be able to help.