Birthday: 5/14/06
Gender: Female
Country: Haiti
Child Code: HOLD-001A-095

Nicoldine Faugue has been at the HOLD Home since 2017.  She is a beautifully joyful young lady who seems to be happy most of the time.  She likes getting her nails painted and is also proud of her pretty earrings!

Here at the HOLD the Children Home Nicoldine has many reasons to smile.  She is well cared for, unlike so many orphans in Haiti.  She is clothed and fed daily, with a secure roof over her head.  This is much more than many of the children throughout the country can say.  Children in Haiti begin providing for themselves at a very young age; they are forced to grow up quickly.  Here at the HOLD Home the children are able to be kids.  Yes they learn responsibilities and stay busy with school, but they are able to play and laugh and enjoy being kids.  Sponsoring Nicoldine allows us to bring other children, much like her, into the orphanage.  Would you consider how you might be able to help?