Birthday: 5/13/04
Gender: Female
Country: Haiti
Child Code: HOLD-001A-084

Milenne came to us, with her 2 siblings, from the Haitian town of Chan Sol.  She loves drawing and doing art. She is like many girls her age – she loves shoes!  She would like to have more shoes.

Milenne is the oldest of 3 sisters at the HOLD Home and she is always looking out for the younger two; she does a great job caring for them.  It has been a tough transition for Milenne to come to the Home, but we know it is for the better.  She is at an age where she easily could’ve been picked up off the streets to become a household servant.  This is not uncommon in Haiti.  Milenne is now going to school regularly and learning to read and write.  We are proud of our students and we look forward to all that Milenne will be able to accomplish.  By sponsoring Milenne you help to provide for her basic daily needs.  There are many different options you can choose from; will you consider sponsoring Milenne to live in the HOLD Home?